Breonna Taylor’s ex was allegedly offered plea deal implicating her in drug ring

Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend was offered a plea deal that required him to implicate her in an “organized crime syndicate” after Kentucky officers fatally shot her during a botched raid, it was revealed Wednesday

Scott Barton, a lawyer for Jamarcus Glover, told NBC News that initial plea sheets included Taylor’s name among a list of associates, but that Louisville prosecutors removed the reference in later drafts.

Taylor, an emergency medical technician, was shot eight times by cops executing a search warrant March 13 at her apartment as part of a narcotics investigation into Glover, who did not live with her.

The plea offer raised concerns that officials were pressuring Glover, a twice convicted drug dealer, to finger Taylor in an effort to help justify the embarrassing raid that sparked a national outcry, NBC reported.

Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Taylor’s family, who is suing the Louisville Metro Police Department and the city, said in a statement they are outraged that prosecutors may have tried lean on Glover to “falsely state — after her death — that she was part of an organized crime syndicate.”

The statement from Crump continued, “The police killed Bre once, and now they’re trying to kill her again by killing her reputation and her good name.”

Glover told the Courier-Journal that Taylor had no involvement in the drug trade. He was arrested on a pair of 2019 criminal cases Thursday about 15 hours after he gave the interview, the paper reported.

A spokesman for the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s Office told NBC News  that Taylor was one of four people listed as co-conspirators in early drafts of the plea deal because Glover had allegedly implicated her in jailhouse recordings.

Jefferson County’s top prosecutor, Thomas Wine, said when he learned of the plea discussions he directed his underlings to remove her name out of respect.

On March 13, police used a controversial no-knock warrant to enter Taylor’s apartment with a battering ram at about 1 a.m.

Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were awoken by a loud boom, according to Walker’s lawsuit filed Tuesday against the police and city.

They asked who was at the door but there was no response, Walker said, according to the Courier-Journal. The officers have said they did announce themselves.

After Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Detective Myles Cosgrove and now-fired Detective Brett Hankison burst in, Walker fired a single shot fearing an intruder.

The officers returned fire, allegedly discharging more than 40 rounds, according to the suit.

Mattingly was struck in the thigh and Walker, who has a concealed-carry permit, was initially charged with attempted murder and assault.

The raps were later dropped. His lawyer has argued that the bullet that wounded Mattingly came from another officer.

Cosgrove and Mattingly have been placed on administrative leave.

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