‘Bridezilla’ in wedding dress reportedly tackled loud strangers outside venue

A self-described “bridezilla” tackled a group of loud people outside her rugby club wedding venue in Wales — because she “didn’t want anything to spoil our great day,” according to a report.

The not-so-blushing bride Zoe Dallimore, 31, still in her wedding dress, was captured on video Friday after she took the plunge on one of the strangers in front of her new hubby, David, The Sun reported.

“We’d had a fantastic day and around 10:30 p.m. me and David were ready to go home,” the mom-of-five from Penlan told the outlet. “We decided to walk because we only live 10 minutes away from where we had the reception at Penlan Rugby Club.”

As they left, she said, a small group of strangers outside were in the midst of a loud argument.

“I still don’t know who they were or what they were quarreling about but I didn’t want anything to spoil our great day so I walked over and told them to calm down,” Dallimore said.

“I said very politely, ‘It’s my wedding and I don’t want you to spoil it by arguing so please calm down and break it up now,’” she added. “I didn’t throw any punches or get punched. I was just trying to break up an argument.”

Dallimore said her big day got off to a rocky start when the club’s manager called to say the marquee for the party of 30 guests had been blown away in high winds. But she said the manager assured her that despite being moved inside, the event would remain a “private” party.

“These people who were arguing had not been invited,” Dallimore said. “We’d seen some of them, including the guy who took the footage on his phone, inside the club drinking at the bar earlier in the evening.”

She added: “They shouldn’t have been there and they have wrecked the biggest day of my life.”

A still from a video showing a self-described "bridezilla" tackling a group of loud people outside her wedding venue.
A still from a video showing a self-described “bridezilla” tackling a group of loud people outside her wedding venue.Reddit

Dallimore told The Sun that she so was “mortified” about the incident that the couple decided to cut short their honeymoon in Tenby, West Wales, after the footage went viral.

“I burst into tears and didn’t stop crying the whole time we were there so we decided to come home last night, even though we’d booked a week in a lovely hotel by the sea,” she said.

“I was so miserable — I still am — knowing this horrible video was doing the rounds. I couldn’t enjoy my honeymoon so we came back early. Although we had the best day of our lives, this video has ruined it now,” Dallimore added.

“My friends have been kind. They ring me up and say they know I’m not a troublemaker and I try to laugh it off by telling them: ‘Just call me Bridezilla from now on.”

Police said they responded to reports of a disturbance, while a spokesman for the wedding venue said “it was a private function and no one affiliated with the club were involved.”


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