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ViacomCBS probed sexual misconduct allegation against CEO Bob Bakish: report

ViacomCBS investigated an allegation of sexual misconduct by its chief executive Bob Bakish, according to a new report.

A former employee at Viacom’s Nickelodeon cable channel claimed that Bakish touched her inappropriately at the company’s holiday party in 2016 when he was acting CEO, according to tech news site The Information, which cited anonymous sources. Bakish became CEO in 2017 and was elevated to CEO of the merged Viacom and CBS two years later.

ViacomCBS hired an outside firm to investigate the complaint, which was lodged this year, and did not find any misconduct on Bakish’s part, according to the Thursday report (paywall).

“The Board takes any allegation of this type seriously...

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Several Google services suffer outages Thursday night

Several Google services, including Gmail, Hangouts and YouTube, briefly went down for many users across the US on Thursday night.

The outage-tracking website DownDetector received an influx of reports of interruptions to those services beginning shortly before 9 p.m. and peaking 15 minutes later.

A majority of those affected were located in major cities along the eastern coast of the US, according to the site.

Google’s senior vice president of technical infrastructure, Urs Hölzle, acknowledged the outage in several tweets.

“A pool of servers that route traffic to application backends crashed, and users on that particular pool experienced the outage,” he wrote.

Hölzle added: “ We’re very sorry for the outage, we know how critical these services are to everyone’s lives...

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Godiva CEO Annie Young-Scrivner to step down after 3 years on the job

Godiva CEO Annie Young-Scrivner is leaving the high-end chocolatier after three years on the job.

Young-Scrivner plans to step down at the end of November to “pursue a new opportunity outside of the company,” Godiva said in a statement Thursday. The New York-based candy maker has started searching for her replacement and Young-Scrivner will help with the leadership transition, the company said.

Young-Scrivner joined Godiva in 2017 after holding senior gigs at Starbucks and PepsiCo. She tried to introduce the brand’s luxury sweets to the broader consumer market by selling cheaper items at Target and other retailers, according to Bloomberg.

Born in Taiwan to Chinese parents, Young-Scrivner immigrated to the US when she was 7 and started her career with a 20-year stint at Pepsi, where...

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Amazon unveils security drone to fly around your home

Amazon isn’t content to hear everything you say with its smart speakers. It now wants to see inside your home, too.

The e-tail juggernaut unveiled a slew of new products at its annual fall hardware event on Thursday, including a security drone that flies around people’s homes on preset flight paths.

The latest version of Amazon’s Ring security camera, called the “Always Home Cam,” docks into a base that looks a bit like an Apple TV, and launches its drone to patrol when its sensors are triggered after its owner has put it in “away” mode.

“Users can check if the oven was left on, the doors are locked, or the curling iron was left on with this compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor camera that flies predetermined paths set by the user, providing greater visibility wh...

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Century 21 plans hundreds of layoffs as it closes stores in coming weeks

Bankrupt off-price retailer Century 21 plans to lay off hundreds of workers when its 13 stores close for good in the coming weeks, records show.

The beloved chain, which carried high-end brands at bargain prices, will shut its New York, Pennsylvania and Florida stores by Nov. 22 after the coronavirus pandemic forced it into bankruptcy earlier this month, according to notices filed with state labor officials.

The closures will eventually put 855 employees in those three states out of work, including 599 at five Big Apple stores and the corporate headquarters on Cortlandt Street, records show. The notices indicate that some staffers were cut on Sept. 11, the day after Century 21’s bankruptcy filing.

The chain’s Lincoln Square location at Broadway and West 66th Street will close to the pu...

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B&G Foods to remove black Cream of Wheat chef from packaging

B&G Foods said Thursday it would drop an image of a black chef from the packaging of its Cream of Wheat cereal mix, the latest company to make changes to branding widely considered as racially insensitive.

Companies including Mars and PepsiCo are changing names and branding of some of their products that are rooted in racist imagery amid a wider national debate over racial inequality in the United States.

“For years, the image of an African-American chef appeared on our Cream of Wheat packaging. While research indicates the image may be based upon an actual Chicago chef named Frank White, it reminds some consumers of earlier depictions they find offensive,” B&G Foods said in a statement.

The condiments and sauce maker is expected to roll out new packaging in the first quarter of 2021...

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This is how Mark Cuban thinks DC can get the economy back on track

Billionaire sports owner Mark Cuban is advocating for a dramatic increase in the economic aid the federal government is providing to Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks told CNBC in an interview that every household in the country should receive a $1,000 stimulus check every two weeks until December, saying that many Americans “are struggling badly.”

Cuban said that there are “two economies” right now: one of people who have been able to get by under the new Covid-19 reality, and one that has been brought to its knees.

“We need to get them help,” he said.

Under Cuban’s plan, which he first proposed in May, all households would receive a $1,000 check every two weeks, and have only 10 days to spend the money...

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Citigroup says racism has cost US economy $16 trillion

A Wall Street bank just put a price tag on racism in America, and it’s a steep one.

New York-based megabank Citigroup found that the US economy has lost out on $16 trillion in growth over the last 20 years because of discriminatory policies in wage growth, education access, homeownership, and lending to minority-owned businesses.

The latter accounts for the biggest chunk of the losses by far, with the bank blaming $13 trillion worth of losses on American banks’ reluctance to lend to black-owned businesses. Wage inequality came in a distant second as a cause, costing $2.7 trillion.

The study’s authors likewise found that $5 trillion could be added to US economic growth over the next five years if these inequalities are addressed now.

“These gaps exist based on systemic issues that c...

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The coronavirus economy’s 7 biggest winners and losers

The coronavirus pandemic has kneecapped the global economy, upended lives around the world and devastated countless businesses.

And the economic impact isn’t likely to end anytime soon — with spikes in COVID-19 cases leading to new lockdowns in some parts of Europe and the US death toll alone exceeding 200,000.

But the pandemic has helped some companies even as it hurt others.

Consumers unable to travel or eat out can still spend money online, conduct a Zoom meeting with friends and co-workers, and play video games to pass the time. The ever-present virus has also motivated them to scrub their counters with Clorox wipes and protect their hands with disposable gloves.

Companies able to capitalize on those trends have boosted their bottom lines, while other industries are struggling to ...

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Cambridge Analytica ex-boss banned from running companies

The former boss of Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm brought down by a scandal over how it obtained Facebook users’ private data, has been banned from holding company directorships for seven years.

Britain’s Insolvency Service said Thursday that Alexander Nix is banned from running companies after he permitted Cambridge Analytica’s parent firm, SCL Elections, and connected firms to “market themselves as offering potentially unethical services to prospective clients.”

UK-based Cambridge Analytica was accused of playing a key role in the 2014 breach of 87 million Facebook users’ personal data. The company denied it used the data for Trump’s 2016 election campaign, but some former employees have disputed that...

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