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Trump rips Gov. Cuomo, de Blasio for ‘destroying’ New York City

President Trump on Tuesday criticized Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio’s handling of reopening businesses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, accusing them of “destroying” New York City.

“New York City must stop the Shutdown now,” the president tweeted. “The Governor & Mayor are destroying the place!”

Cuomo and de Blasio have drawn fierce backlash for continuing to ban indoor dining, despite New York recording record-low COVID-19 infection rates.

Several politicians plan on filing a lawsuit Tuesday morning over the dining debacle.

In a follow-up tweet, Trump suggested that the shutdown in New York City was by design.

“The Democrats will open up their states on November 4th, the day after the Election,” he wrote...

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Daniel Prude’s brother says ‘cold-blooded’ Rochester cops ‘assassinated’ him

The brother of Daniel Prude ripped Rochester police as “some cold-blooded damn killers” who “assassinated” the father of five back in March.

Joe Prude made the impassioned speech Monday night to hundreds of protesters who gathered for the sixth straight night in the upstate New York city.

“They didn’t want that tape to come out,” Joe said, referring to the newly released police body camera footage showing Daniel suffocating while in custody.

“They did not want that visual of my brother being assassinated by some cold-blooded damn killers.”

Joe vowed to continuing fighting in name of his brother, who was naked and placed in a “spit hood” by cops who then pushed his head to the ground on March 23. He died a week later after he was taken off of life support.

“If you lo...

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Nassau OTB adopts Trump’s payroll tax pause

And they’re off — to getting a temporary bump in their take-home pay.

The Nassau County Off-Tracking Betting Corporation has taken up President Trump’s call and is giving workers a pause in paying the 6.2 percent payroll tax, which funds Social Security.

The move will provide OTB employees more take-home pay in the short term during the COVID-19 pandemic —  but they could see less weekly money in early 2021 as they pay back the tax, unless Congress decides to finance the revenue loss, which is very questionable.

Many businesses have declined to implement the payroll tax holiday despite Trump’s Aug. 8 executive order urging the action because of the potential higher tax liability for workers down the road.

The decision by Nassau OTB to embrace the temporary payroll tax relief wi...

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NYC teachers ask judge to let them work from home due to COVID-19 concerns

Five teachers have sued the city seeking to work from home in the upcoming school year because of health concerns posed by the coronavirus pandemic, new court papers show.

“Absent the requested relief, Petitioners and those educators similarly situated will face the Hobson’s choice of choosing between their own and their families’ safety, health, and possibly their lives, versus their own livelihoods and economic survival,” a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit from Friday alleges.

Schools are set to reopen this fall with a hybrid curriculum of online and in-person classes slated to begin respectively on Sept. 16 and 21. As part of the plan to reopen classrooms, random monthly COVID-19 tests will be given to 20 percent of students and teachers.

Four teachers and one substitute — Shan...

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Bay Ridge shooting victim was ‘salt of the earth’ dog lover: Friends

The 62-year-old Bay Ridge man gunned down while walking his dog Monday morning was a beloved perfume salesman who doted over both his close friends and his Cocker Spaniels — which he named after the Three Stooges, friends and neighbors said.

Michael Scully, who was shot outside his Brooklyn home shortly before 7 a.m., was so devoted to his pups that he fed them filet mignon, and was a generous friend who was always ready to lend a hand, pals said.

“He was a wonderful guy, he loved his country,” said William Mendez, who had known Scully since elementary school. “He was very interested in World War II. We would watch documentaries together.”

“He helped when he could help. He helped people when he could,” Mendez, 55, said. “I don’t know. I can’t picture anybody hurting Mike...

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Climate-change protesters arrested climbing globe outside Trump Hotel

Three climate-change protesters were arrested Monday after climbing into the Columbus Circle globe sculpture outside of the Trump Hotel.

The trio — who cops say are apart of the environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion — were cuffed during a protest Monday afternoon.

The protesters climbed into the globe structure and hung a banner that said “Climate Justice Now!” a video tweeted by Michelle Lhooq showed.

“Climate activists in NYC @XR_NYC just climbed the [globe] outside Trump Hotel and dropped fake blood + a “CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW” sign – to a soundtrack of jazz street performers,” Lhooq said in the tweet.

“Police setting up barricades, getting ready to arrest the activists,” Lhooq said in another tweet.

The identities of the protesters were not immediately ...

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Accomplice in 1985 murder of NYC parole officer wins prison release

A state parole officer will soon have the unenviable task of supervising an ex-con who lured another parole officer to his death 35 years ago.

In the latest decision to spark outrage over a convicted killer being cut loose, the Parole Board has authorized the release later this month of Perry Bellamy, who set up the 1985 murder of Parole Officer Brian Rooney, 34, for $5,000 in blood money.

“Releasing Bellamy is breaking the trust and united resolve that must exist between the board and parole officers,” said Wayne Spence, president of the state Public Employees Federation, which represents New York’s 1,000 parole officers.

“Instead of standing by us, the board has sent a signal that it does not have our backs, that our professionalism and our lives don’t matter.”

On Oct...

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Two suspects hit with charges for carrying guns near scene of J’Ouvert shooting

A man and a teen were arrested for carrying guns near the Brooklyn Labor day celebration where five people including a 6-year-old were shot early Monday — but neither is charged in the shooting, police sources said.

Kervins Noel, 21, and the unidentified 15-year-old boy were hit with the charges Monday night after the shooting during an outdoor J’Ouvert celebration soon before 3 a.m. in Crown Heights, the sources said.

Police were interviewing witnesses, reviewing camera footage and investigating ballistic evidence to determine if either of the suspects was responsible for the shooting the wounded the five people, according to sources.

Maxwell Cesc-Dinho, 6; his mother, Patricia Brathwaite, 47; Yves St...

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Four-alarm blaze torches Bronx junkyard

A four-alarm blaze ripped through a Bronx junkyard on Monday, sending flames shooting high into the sky near the Hunts Point Market.

More than 160 firefighters responded to the fire shortly before 4:30 p.m., the fire department said.

Video of the fire posted on Twitter shows the rear of A & M Auto Wrecking at the corner of Randall Avenue and Drake Street fully engulfed in flames, while another image shows bystanders watching the blaze from Hunts Point Avenue.

Fire officials said no injuries had been reported.

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6-year-old shot at J’Ouvert celebration has ‘shattered’ femur, mom says

The 6-year-old boy who was hit by gunfire near a pre-dawn J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn early Monday had one of his leg bones shattered by the bullet, his mother said Monday evening.

Maxwell Cesc-Dinho was recovering from surgery at Kings County Hospital to repair a shattered femur bone after being shot at about 3 a.m. near Crown Street and Nostrand Avenue Monday morning.

Maxwell was getting out of a cab with his mother, 47-year-old Patricia Brathwaite, when they were both shot, Brathwaite said at their apartment near the scene of the shooting.

“The bullet went through both legs,” Brathwaite said of her son’s injuries. “One leg it hit just muscle, but the other leg it shattered his bone, his femur bone.”

“His surgery went well...

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