Virtual bar crawls are causing quite a stir thanks to coronavirus

It’s a Zoom crawl!

Upper West Sider Beej Christie Karpen is causing a stir with her virtual mind mixers, which ease the pain of the pandemic without going overboard with the booze.

“For many, drinking is a strategy…to deal with trauma or stress, and many of them had it under control until the pandemic hit,” the certified life coach and meditation instructor told The Post. “It just felt so ungrounding that they fell back on old habits.”

And a study backs Karpen up: found that 38% of New Yorkers raise a glass between video conference calls with the boss.

But fear not, cocktail connoisseurs. Karpen offers a safe space for swillers.

She created the “Moderation Management for Women’s” support group pre-COVID, but now holds the free drink tank online for a happy hour every Wednesday. About 20 to 30 women sign on from the West Side to the West Coast to uncork their bottled-up fears and frustrations.

Karpen told the story of one zealous Zoomer who threw a party for a bunch of construction workers after finishing a project with them — and ended up buying a keg of beer and a couple of bottles of rose. The woman whined: ‘Who did I think was going to drink that? Right, I was going to hand a glass of freakin’ rose to these big burly construction workers? Here you go!’”

Cordial is how Karpen describes the meetings, but many of the women — mostly professionals ranging from their early 20s to their 70s — “mention that the political situation causes them a lot of stress. Certainly, the pandemic.”

The women don’t drink together online, but do share what they imbibe.

“A lot of wine. Some have moved to healthier wines with lower sugar and alcohol content. Some beer, some mixed drinks,” she said, adding “the meetings have a light, positive vibe to them.”

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